A E Skin Green Tea Essentials Firming Neck Cream

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The A E Skin Green Tea Essentials Firming Neck Cream is an outstanding product to address a number of concerns on the neck.

While the face is the most common area for cosmetic treatment, don’t neglect the neck. The neck is immediately adjacent to the face and can be a dead giveaway of cosmetic enhancement when the face appears youthful but the neck looks aged. Some of the most common concerns in the neck area include uneven color, redness, irregular texture, loose skin, and wrinkles. Twice daily application of the Green Tea Firming Neck Cream can improve many of these concerns in a few weeks.

The Green Tea Firming Neck Cream contains green tea extract, which is one of the most powerful antioxidants to protect your skin from further sun damage. One of the most unique ingredients is extract from the Edelweiss flower (Leontopodium alpinum). This unique flower is found in the European Alps and is able to survive extreme conditions such as cold temperature, high altitude, and high levels of solar radiation. The additional antioxidants in the Edelweiss flower extract sooth and calm the skin while providing further protection from the sun. It also contains phenolic acids and flavonoids to protect the skin from further environmental damage. The Edelweiss flower extract firms and lifts the skin, improving loose and saggy skin that is commonly seen in the neck over time.

The Green Tea Firming Neck Cream contains many other key ingredients such as ceramides, peptides, niacinamide (vitamin B3), apple stem cells, botanical extracts, LYCD, and emollients. These ingredients serve a number of functions such as preventing water loss in the skin to provide hydration, soothing the skin, decreasing redness, improving irregular color, stimulating collagen to tighten the skin, improving the texture of the skin, and further protecting the skin from sun damage.

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