A E Skin Green Tea Healing Ointment

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The A E Skin Green Tea Healing Ointment provides a strong barrier for compromised or extremely dry skin. It is ideal for post-procedure use such as after chemical peels or ablative laser resurfacing treatments. Petrolatum provides and occlusive protective layer to keep water in the skin, which is critical in the healing process. Ceramides and yucca extract further help to moisturize the skin. It also contains green tea extract and vitamins B and E. The product is very thick and only a small amount is needed to cover the entire skin surface. It works best when the skin is damp, especially after application of a few sprays of the A E Skin Soothing Chamomile Mist. The A E Skin Green Tea Healing Ointment is paraben-free, fragrance-free, and gluten-free.

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