A E Skin Green Tea Soothing Chamomile Mist

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The A E Skin Green Tea Soothing Chamomile Mist is a product specifically used for post-procedure skin, but can also be for daily use, and is safe for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. This calming mist is sprayed on the skin to provide moisture to the skin surface, which is particularly important after chemical peels and ablative laser resurfacing treatments. Unlike plain water, the A E Skin Green Tea Soothing Chamomile Mist contains a number of ingredients to help with recovery. The product is alcohol free but contains witch hazel, which calms the skin, removes excess oil, and tightens pores to provide a smooth appearance. It also contains green tea extract and vitamin C, two powerful antioxidants to calm and protect the skin. Extracts from comfrey, chamomile, and lavender sooth irritated skin and provide a floral scent. The A E Skin Green Tea Soothing Chamomile Mist is paraben-free, gluten-free, and oil-free. It is also free of artificial fragrances.

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